To investigate the motility and dynamics of signalling molecules in synaptic membranes, we combine electrophysiological recording (patch clamp) and imaging methods (in vitro fluorescent imaging and localisation). We are particularly interested in key synapse components such as calcium channels, receptors, and adhesion molecules.

Within the group of „Molecular Physiology“ we focus on the molecular mobility of signalling molecules in the neuronal membrane. Particular voltage gated calcium channels, receptors and adhesion molecules are key elements for the information exchange in neuronal networks and are essential for the synaptic transmission, plasticity and signal integration. We use electrophysiological (patch-clamp; multi electrode arrays (background)) and Imaging methods (life fluorescent imaging, localisation microscopy) to investigate the impact of molecular dynamic interactions to understand the molecular mechanisms of neuronal communication, plasticity and memory formation.


Dr. Martin Heine

Motility of synapse components

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