Here is a representative selection of the more than 160 master theses completed to date.  The research areas and titles provide some indication of the wide range of neuroscience topics pursued by our students.

Master thesis

Medical NeuroscienceFMEProf. Kirches, Prof. MawrinPotential role of micro-RNA 145 for the tumorigenicity of meningioma cells2011
Cognitive NeuroscienceLINDr. Brechmann, Prof. PollmannNeural Processing of Pitch Variations in Speech and Music2011
Neural DevelopmentFNWProf. Söllner,  Prof. BockFunctional role of Opticin interactions in vertebrate nervous system development2011
Medical NeuroscienceFMEProf. Mawrin, Prov. KirchesExpression of mitochondrial iron proteins in a cell culture model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis2011
Molecular BiologyFMEProf. Fisher, Dr. TedfordAnalysis of the Microglia Cytoskeleton: Roles of Vav Rho GEFs2012
Sensory NeurophysiologyLINProf. Heil, Prof. KönigThe dependence of auditory stimulus detectability on the phase of EEG delta waves2012
Cellular NeurobiologyLIN / FNWProf. Bock, Prof. ThomasRelevance of balanced expression of scaffold molecules at glutamatergic neuromuscular junctions in Drosophila2013
NeurogeneticsFME / FNWDr. Zenker, Prof. StorkIdentification of New Genes Underlying Disorders of Brain Development and Intellectual Disability2012
Cellular NeurophysiologyLINProf. Heine, Prof. ThomasMobility analysis of the low-voltage-activated T-type calcium channel Cav 3.2 in dorsal root ganglion neurons2014
Cognitive NeuroscienceFMEDr. Richardson-Klavehn, Dr. KzilirmakThe impact of self-solved Mooney images and the aha effect for immediately rated insights on memory encoding.2014
Cognitive NeuroscienceLINProf. König, Dr. DelianoThe Effect of Repeated and Random Stimulus Presentation in an Oddball Paradigm: An MEG Study2015
NeurologyDZNE / FMEProf. Nestor, Dr. BittnerA Feasibility Study of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Treat Language Fluency Impairment in Primary Progressive Aphasia Related to Alzheimer´s Disease2014
Cognitive NeuroscienceLINProf. HopfOn the influence of task-difficulty on global color-based attention: Evidence from electromagnetic brain recordings in the human2014
Cellular neurophysiologyDZNEProf. Dityatev, Dr. SongRole of extracellular matrix (ECM) in regulation of hippocampal CA2 function2015
Cognitive ScienceFMEDr. Richardson-Klavehn, Prof. SchönfeldThe effects of brief mindfulness meditation on solving insight problems2014
Medical NeuroscienceFMEDr. Zähle,Dr. KopitzkiDeep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease - evaluating the effect of electrode location on neuropsychological outcome2015
Computational NeuroscienceFMEProf. Voigt, Prof. HerzogShort-term plasticity effects in developing and developed neocortical networks: A parametric study using a computational model based on MEA cell culture experimental data.2015
NeurophysiologyLIN & FMEProf. Ohl, Prof. FendtFunctional consequences of optogenetic interference with the locus coeruleus and the ventral tegmental area in mice2014
Cellular neurobiologyDZNEProf. Dityatev, Dr. SongEffects of herbal extract from Rhodiola rosea on CA1 pyramidal cell excitability, synaptic transmission and plasticity2016
NeurophysiologyLINProf. Ohl, Dr. WoldeitFunctional and physiological connectivity between the auditory and orbitofrontal cortex in the Mongolian gerbil during audiory switch learning2016
Computational NeuroscienceLINProf. König, Dr. May Analytical Solutions of an Anatomically-Based Computational Model of Auditory Cortex2016
NeurobiologyFMEProf. FendtReciprocal activation of DA D1- and NMDA- receptors in the nucleus accumbens in rats blocks the acquisition of relief-learning2015
Molecular biologyFME & LINDr. Dunay, Dr. SmallaSynaptic proteome changes induced by chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection2015
Neural developmentFME & Karolinska StockholmDr. Dunay, Prof. RochellysImpact of the indigenous gut microbiota on brain development and behavior - Implications for neurodevelopmental disorders2016
MR ImagingFNWProf. Speck, Dr. PoznanskyReducing Slab's Combination Artifacts in Multi-Slab Ultra-High Resolution Diffusion Tensor Imaging2017
Molecular BiologyLIN & UKE HamburgProf. Gundelfinger, Prof. FrieseMechanistic insights into Protein bassoon up regulation upon CNS inflammation2017
NeurobiologyFME & IBIOProf. Bock, Prof. FendtEarly life stress in mice incluses sex dependent alterations in the dopaminergic system mediated by epigenetic mechanisms2017
NeurobiologyLINDr. Schleyer, Prof. GerberThe effect of learnt behaviour on larval Drosophila chemotaxis2017