We aim to:

•uncover novel mechanisms by which the extracellular matrix (ECM) controls synaptic plasticity, synaptogenesis and cognition;

•generate new tools for neural ECM research, which would allow to bidirectionally regulate and visualize in vivo expression of major ECM forms associated with inhibitory and excitatory neurons;

•characterize how dysregulations in expression and posttranslational modifications of ECM molecules, their receptors and ectoproteinases are linked to neuroinflammation, synaptic and cognitive dysfunctions in major neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases;

develop new ECM- and extrasynaptic signaling-targeting therapeutic strategies and ECM-related biomarkers to control ECM targeting efficacy in relationship with restoration of synaptic and cognitive functions.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Dityatev

Molecular neuroplasticity

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