Follow the function of the nervous system with advanced fluorescence microscopy from the level of 100,000s of neurons in a brain slice (A) down to visualizing the growth of synaptic spines of pyramidal neurons with µm resolution (D).

Discover the exciting world of electrophysiological patch clamp recordings of long-term potentiation (LTP) to understand the cellular signaling mechanisms that underlie memory storage in the brain. (Edelmann et al., Neuron, 2015)

Investigate the learning performance of mice using state of the art behavioral physiology techniques and determine the role of physical excercise on memory function (Petzold et al., Neurobiol Learn Mem, 2015).

Learn to use modern confocal microscopy to visualize and quantify neuropeptide secretion at the single vesicle level (Eckenstaler et al., J. Cell Sci 2016).

PD Dr. nat. habil. Thomas Endres


Institut I :

Medizinische Fakultät

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